Organic tea and tisanes are produced without the input of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and herbicides. Unfortunately the yield per acre is lower, however it maintains a smaller environmental footprint. How does an organic tea farm operate?

  • Abstinence from using any synthetic fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide.
  • Environmental protection of lands surrounding the gardens.
  • Replenishment and maintenance of garden soil fertility using natural means.
  • Promoting and maintaining biodiversity in the gardens and surrounding lands.


Assam - Organic
Single Estate Black Tea

Canadian Breakfast, Specialty Black - Organic
Ceylon, Estate Black - Organic

Cream Earl Grey, English Favourites Black - Organic

Darjeeling, Estate Black- Organic

Irish Breakfast, Specialty Black - Organic

Monk's Blend, Naturally Flavoured Black- Organic

Tanzania, Estate Black - Organic

Wild Blueberry, Naturally Flavoured Black - Organic


Kyoto Cherry Rose, Naturally Flavoured Green Tea - Organic
Long Island Strawberry, Naturally Flavoured Green Tea - Organic


Rooibos, Organic
Green Rooibos, Organic


Cardamom Chai Mate, Organic
Cinnamon Rooibos Mate, Organic
Green Tea Ginger with Echinacea, Organic
Lemon Ginger Mate, Organic
Organic Mate
Roasted Mate, Organic


Alfalfa Root, Organic Herbal
Basil Leaf, Organic Herbal
Bay Leaf, Organic Herbal
Bilberry Leaf, Organic Herbal
Calendula Petals, Organic Herbal
Chickweed, Organic Herbal
Dandelion Root (Roasted) Organic Herbal
Dandelion Root, Organic Herb
Echinacea & Roots, Organic Herbal Blend
Essiac, Organic Herbal Blend
Fennel Seed Powder, Organic Herbal
Fidnemed Nighttime, Organic Herbal Blend
Ginger Root, Organic Herbal
Grateful Heart, Organic Herbal Blend
Hibiscua, Organic Herbal
Lavender, Organic Herbal
Lemongrass, Organic Herbal
Licorice Root, Organic Herbal
Marjoram, Organic Herbal

 Nettle Leaf, Organic Herbal

 Oregano, Organic Herbal

Osmanthus Petals, Organic Herbal
Peppermint, Organic Herbal
Senna Leaf, Organic Herbal
Spearmint, Organic Herbal
Stevia Leaf, Organic Herbal
Thyme, Organic Herbal
Valarian Root, Organic Herbal
Wild Chyrsanthemum Buds, Herbal


21st Century
Organic Herbal Blend

Lively aroma with strong herbal notes complemented with a touch of floral.

There are so many ways that our immune systems can be overwhelmed ... air, water, workplace, stress etc. This infusion blend is not only helpful, but comforting, strengthening, and delicious.

Ingredients: organic Nettle leaf, organic Red Clover blossoms, organic Elder berries, organic Alfalfa leaf, organic Red Clover herb, organic St. John's Wort, organic Sage, and organic Ginger root.


Echinacea & Roots
Organic Herbal Blend

Dark heavy and earthy. A stout tea with a rigorous finish.

Full flavored with a rich, rooty, yet smooth and mellow taste. Good medicine that tastes great! and it will help strengthen and support your natural resistance. A very popular decoction blend; good to drink it at the first signs of colds and flu symptoms.

Ingredients: Pau d' Arco bark, organic Echinacea purpurea root, organic Dandelion root (raw and roasted), Sarsaparilla root, organic Cinnamon bark, organic Burdock root, Sassafras bark, organic Ginger root, and organic Stevia.


Herbal Blend



Organic Herbal Blend

Essiac was promoted and popularized by a Canadian nurse named Rene M. Caisse, who named the formula with her last name spelled backwards. Born in 1888, Rene Caisse promoted the use of her tea in the treatment of a steady stream of cancer patients until her death in 1978 at the age of ninety. Rene Caisse's cancer cure was used by persons with prostate cancer, advanced bladder cancer, and advanced breast cancer who are documented to have gone into remission.

Contains: organic Burdock Root, organic Sheep Sorrel powder, organic Slippery Elm bark powder, and organic Turkey Rhubarb root powder


Fidnemed Nighttime
Organic Herbal Blend

A bold evening tea with a citrus touch mildly resembles sweet cranberry.


Fidnemed means a sacred and quiet forest grove. Relax and enjoy some of this full flavored infusion blend after a hectic day. We almost called this `Sleep on Rocks' because it works so well. 
Contains: organic Lemon Balm, organic Hibiscus flowers, organic Skullcap, organic Passionflower, organic Hops flowers, organic Valerian root, and organic Lavender flowers.


Great Burdock
Organic Herbal Blend



Grateful Heart
Organic Herbal Blend

Smooth and mild with a lingering hint of spice.

This delicious tea will make your taste buds happy and your heart grateful. Formulated and created to support general heart health, and is also a delight to the palate!


Ingredients: organic Hawthorn leaf and flower, organic Lemon Balm, organic Rosehips, organic Dandelion leaf, organic Ginkgo, organic Oatstraw, organic Bilberry fruit, organic Hawthorn berries, organic Ginger, organic Lemon peel, organic Motherwort, and organic Meadowsweet flower.


Memory Zest
Organic Herbal Blend

A beautiful arrangement of fresh green vigor. Great Iced.

A mentally refreshing and good tasting infusion beverage, to help give you feelings of clarity and precision.


Ingredients: organic Gingko leaf, organic Gotu Kola, organic Peppermint, organic Red Clover herb, organic Rosemary, organic Ginger root, and organic Stevia.


Moon Ease
Organic Herbal Blend


Organic Herbal Blend

Mildly sweet and reminiscent of chamomile's golden warmth.

During the first precious months of life, tiny human beings need love, comfort, and the very best nutrition available. This delicious and invigorating blend is formulated to support healthy lactation to nourish your little one.

Ingredients: organic Red Rooibos Tea, organic Raspberry leaf, organic Lemon Balm, organic Fenugreek seed, organic Fennel seed, organic Marshmallow root, organic Blessed Thistle, organic Rosehips, and organic Anise seed.


Organic Blended Tisane

A hearty tea with complexity. This blend has root, spice and citrus notes.

Going down to the underworld and rising up renewed. When you've been overworked, overindulging, or under stress remember ... Be kind to yourself and your liver. This is a blend for transitions, a drink to help support your hard-working liver.

Ingredients: organic Dandelion root, organic Eleuthero root, organic Burdock root, organic Milk Thistle seed, and organic Yellow Dock root.

Season's of Discontent
Organic Herbal Blen

A surprising fresh finish with a tingling mint linger.

Formerly Allergy Season Tea, this refreshingly cool, minty flavored infusion blend with its citrus undertone can assist you with the discomfort & symptoms associated with allergy season. Consider taking it ahead of time, along with Nettle Extract or Nettle Capsules.

Ingredients: Nettle leaf, organic Fennel seed, organic Lemongrass, organic Spearmint leaf, organic Eyebright, organic Calendula flowers, organic Peppermint leaf, organic Red Clover herb and blossoms, organic Lavender flowers, organic Blue Vervain, and organic Stevia leaf.


The Blue's
Organic Herbal Blen

A rigorous tea which emboldens the palate with a rich green finish.

Beat those "down in the dumps" feelings with this wonderful and great tasting infusion.

Ingredients: organic Nettle leaf, organic St. John's wort, organic Damiana leaf, organic Spearmint leaf, organic Valerian root, and organic Stevia.


Wise Woman
Organic Herbal Blend

Marjoram, Organic Herbal

Osmanthus Petals, Organic Herbal