Artisan Tea

Delight your senses with incredible handmade artisanal tea creations. These artisan teas conceal worlds of mystery and soft flavors deep within their shell-like exteriors. The techniques used to create them have been handed down from generation to generation and haven't changed in centuries. If you look closely, you can even see the string used to tie the broad-leafed, spring production tea, chosen leaf by leaf by the artists themselves.

Alegria Jasmine Burst
Blooming Green Tea


Heavenly Bird
Blooming Green Tea

Characteristics: Heavenly bird, “the bird of happiness”, is symbol of wisdom. The powerful wings of this bird are believed to be able to convey souls up to paradise and to carry us to higher levels of spiritual enlightenment.

Ingredients: Silver needle green tea, Marigold, Lily


Hidden Treasures
Blooming Green Tea

Characteristics: Snowing is very famous scenery in Canada. However, it is only in winter. With this Hidden Treasures, you will surprisingly discover that snowing does not necessarily only is in winter, but every day….and with summer‘s flowers! What are wonderful gathering!!

Ingredients: Silver needle green tea, Marigold, Tropical Citron


Natural Grace
Blooming Green Tea

Characteristics: Everyday life is full of grace. Why? Please relax and drink this tea. By looking at its blossom and tasting its aroma… ,you will discover that grace is just so ordinary and simple, just beside you in every moment.   

Ingredients: Silver needle green tea, Jasmine, Lily, Peony, Sweet Osmanthus

Purple Wonder
Blooming Green Tea

Characteristics: There is a banquet among flowers of Jasmine, Globe Amaranth, Lily and Lavender. They all appreciate each other. Lavender is the smallest; however, it gives us the biggest surprise!!!  Don’t you believe it?

Ingredients: Silver needle green tea, Jasmine, Globe Amaranth, Lily, lavender


Red Lover
Blooming Green Tea

Characteristics: White Jasmine and Globe Amaranth represent amiable and unchanging love. With these flowers we make a ring, the language of love that connected with your heart.

Ingredients: Silver needle green tea, Jasmine, Globe Amaranth

Volcano Flower Burst
Blooming Green Tea