Phasha Journals & Bags

Leather Journals


We carry the extraordinary Phasha leather journals handmade in a Fair Trade environment. Phasha is a Canadian company based in Calgary. Each journal is handmade ensuring an individual and unique piece with its hand tooling, hand stitching with some journals featuring a semi-precious genuine gemstones adding to its' charm and beauty. Each journal contians plain white paper handmade from 100% recycled cotton which is tree free and acid free. Journals are bound with a European style of binding. All journals can be refilled with new paper. A vast multitude of uses include a treasured family recipe book, a scrapbook, a wine journal, a garden journal, a travel journal the options seem endless. It will truly become a family heirloom.

Leather Bags

 satchels 2

All Phasha Satchels are made using genuine leather without the use of harsh chemicals. Most of the satchels shown are great for laptop cases. As each bag is individually handcrafted, it is individual and unique.